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this Miraculewater product is "The Cadillac of Water Technology."

by a recent Yale Graduate
By Miracule, LLC

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Having set about on a quest to find the best body/mind/spirit technologies our present day has to offer, I could settle for no less than the supreme ultimate best. After more than a decade of searching for this "Holy Grail", I grew weary. In recent time, I have come to appreciate the power of "Automated/Effortless Growth." What if we could "Drink" our self-improvement or spiritual work?
No books, no belief systems, no goals, no effort, no contention --- just water.

Yes, the many features of Miraculewater have "Automated" my self-cultivation work. It's like flicking the "Auto Pilot" switch on your self improvement. It's made striving in this area a thing of the past. Why should we strive to become greater when we can just kick back and drink in this "highly evolved" water? The greater the power of the water, the more its capacity to rewire us, to amplify our health, to increase brain power, and to elevate our Level of Consciousness (LOC). I cannot find a better water system than this online. In fact, I challenge you do so. As of this writing (2012), it just isn't possible. I encourage you to spend the extra money; this machine is lifetimes better than the over-simplistic single-dimensional filters they sell elsewhere. In my experience, this Miraculewater product is "The Cadillac of Water Technology."

--A Recent Yale Graduate

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