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ORME Powered Water Purification System
MIRACULE (ORME technology) Water Purification System strives to deliver the highest quality water with an unmatched level of customer service, to deliver the most life-supporting and healthy water that your body needs to live to its fullest potential.

We welcome you to use our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and check our Installation Instructions links.

And if you still have an unanswered question, please click on the button below and submit an online ticket for one of our technical representatives to respond to your inquiry within 12 hours or sooner. You may also call us at 1-651-767-2892 or email us direct at info@miracule.com with any general or technical questions.
Factory Refurbishing Available
MIRACULE Water is offering a Refurbishing Program for our existing loyal customers who who are using a MIRACULE Water system purchased few years ago! Click here and Order Factory Refurbishing service today.

As part of our ongoing improvement of the MIRACULE Water system design, we have made it more user friendly for filter replacements. If you have a MIRACULE Water system that you purchased few years ago, you may know that it wasn’t very user friendly when it came to replacing filters, because the tubes were coming down with the flow restrictors which made it difficult to get a wrench around it to replace the filters.

To solve that problem, we have improved on the design and have removed the tubes coming down the sides and have put the flow restrictors in other places but it does not use any more wastewater than any other other typical reverse osmosis system.

So we wanted to give our loyal customers an opportunity to upgrade their MIRACULE units without paying for a whole new system, we like to offer you a complete refurbishing service, which replaces all the filters, replaces new white casings without the tubing that made it hard to get the wrench around, along with offering a basic cleanup of your MIRACULE Water system.

Click here and Order Factory Refurbishing service today.
You may also reach us direct by phone or via email:

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