Miracule Benefits

How Miracule water benefits your health
Miracule Water Filtration System is very unique in its application of advanced water filtration method and the articles below will give you general idea of those advantages.
• It removes the BAD things
• It keeps the GOOD things
• It adds necessary minerals
• It traps and concentrates ORME elements

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Keeps Good Minerals. Keeps O.R.M.E. Removes contaminants and harmful elements.
How Is Miracule Water so different?
It's the only water filtration system in the world with a proprietary ORME trap along with processors that have a proprietary trap on the inside to retain the minerals and monoatomic elements, while removing harmful contaminants. The result is an alkaline water with all of the natural beneficial water minerals intact.Read More
Let Your Body, Mind and Soul Experience Nature's Miracle. Water is "transformed" by MiraculeW
Purified by a Proprietary Selective Filtration Technology
99% Fluoride Removed
ORME [ionized] Concentrated
Alkaline pH with Magnesium DioxideRead More
Miracule Water Filtration System has 5 filter stages to purify the water you drink.
Miracule Water Filtration System has 5 filter stages to purify the water you drink.Read More
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Scientific Data on Miracule Water
Miracule Test Results!
Scientific Data on Miracule Water
PH - 8.0-8.5
TDS 50 (Because OF the ORME present)
LOC Rating (Level Of Consciousness) - 700-800
ORP rating - 270 (ORP is the oxygen reduction potential of a product. A negative ORP reading means it's an antioxidant not an oxidizing agent)
Produces Approximately 22 gallons of Water a Day
Dimensions of Miraculewater filter system: length 15 inches, height 15 inches, width 10 inches
Standard Res Tank: height 15 inches, width 8 inches
Weight: 30 pounds (includes the system, tank, and packing material)   
• ORME is capable of correcting DNA damage.
DNA repair refers to a collection of processes by which a cell identifies and corrects damage to the DNA molecules that encode its genome. In human cells, both normal metabolic activities and environmental factors such as UV light and radiation can cause DNA damage, resulting in as many as 1 million individual molecular lesions per cell per day. Many of these lesions cause structural damage to the DNA molecule and can alter or eliminate the cell's ability to transcribe the gene that the affected DNA encodes. Other lesions induce potentially harmful mutations in the cell's genome.Read More
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Miracule Benefits
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