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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answered by MiraculeWater inventor Ron Talmage

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answered by MiraculeWater inventor Ron Talmage
Ron Talmage answers questions about Reverse Osmosis (RO), water filtration limitations, ORME filtration, water vortexing.
Q: Let's start with the basics, what is Miracule Water and what is it not?
Ron: Miracule Water filtration system is a Reverse Osmosis water filtration system, except that it does KEEP all the good minerals where typical reverse osmosis filtration systems remove all the good minerals during the process of filtration. Miracule Water uses magnesium prill beads, which re-mineralizes, and alkalizes the water. And, most importantly, MiraculeWater filtration system also collects and concentrates what is called ORME using our proprietary methods. So, the end result is water that has all the bad stuff removed, all the good stuff maintained, along with all the ORME elements kept in the water for you to drink and enjoy clean and healthy water to a healthier you.

Q: What does the MiraculeWater Processor remove and what does it do?
Ron: Well, there are a few things here. The water processors, as many of us know, remove everything that is harmful from the water to a degree but they also concentrate these elements, these ORME "Elements Of Life", as I call them, (silver, iridium, gold, rhodium, osmium, ruthenium, platinum, mercury and palladium) into the finished product but then the selective filtration removes the negative vibrational patterns are removed. Everything is re-written in the water. These elements are concentrated and then they're brought up to full charge so that literally they transfer energy over to our body. they're given the ability to overturn the governors built into our DNA, by being fully charged, and they start doing wonderful things. Our biological clocks get reset to day one, and our life spans get extended that way. Our bodies start to flush toxins and accumulated garbage out and healing starts to be experienced in a multitude of different fashions, from the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and on through every aspect of the human.

Q. Is the Processor selective in what it concentrates?
Ron: Yes. The processor is selective in that it only concentrates the ORME that it is superconducting. The superconducting ORMEs are the ones that are the most beneficial for the body. And they are the ones that are generally most lacking in our foods today.

Q. we've just looked at the extraordinary benefits of the ORMEs that are concentrated in the water. But it doesn't"t stop there with the processor, does it? You have done a lot of other unique additions to the water and deletions to do even other remarkable things.
Ron: Now let's take this, we vortexed the water in the processors and we vortexed in the proper direction to literally put in an etheric energy that has the effect on our bodies of reversing the hands of time, making us a little younger with each glass full. that's one of the additions.

Q: What is the processor doing to create this ORME or these elements of life?
Ron: Well, the processor does not create the ORME, it extracts it from the water,

Q: The ORME in the water?.. How is it released through the processor and how does it stay in the water structure?
Ron: Okay. It is not released by the processor into the water. The ORME that we are speaking of, that is concentrated by the processor, comes right in the source water. Okay? When you run water into it, it already has some ORME in it. We have literally been unable to find a source of water anywhere in the world that is completely devoid of ORME. It does vary in concentration. It does vary in the different elements that will be in the water from one source to another. we've even found it varying slightly with different houses on the same block on the same water supply. But it is easily found in water. It was the first place that David Hudson found his ORME, in water. And the processors concentrate it taking the source water and concentrating it into the final product.

Q. Why was ORME so valuable? what's so special about ORME?
Ron: Well imagine something that not only strengthens your body but strengthens all of your senses, increases the speed that you think, increases your comprehension, etc. and earned the name "Bread of the Presence of God" by the Egyptians.
Consuming the Gold ORME has been so desirable for some people, (that have known about it), that they have been willing to do anything to get their hands on it.
But, it has tremendous capabilities.

It's a different state of matter that comes into play and answers most of the questions that nobody could find the answers to.
it's the link between our spirit and our material body.
There is just a multitude of different concepts that this fits into.

Q: And then, once it has become pure
Ron: Yes, we use magnesium prill beads, which re-mineralizes, and alkalizes the water. That, although it is a trace amount, is the most beneficial element, of a combination of three atoms, other than water that exists basically for the human body.

Q: What is a literal example of biological time reversal?
Ron: we'll call it something that was looking old or damaged or worn out??..
Like a human body. The reason I term this biological time reverse energy is not because that matches the scientific names that a lot of scientists have given it, but because that is the type of effect that it has on biological life forms, like you and I. And rather than call it some outrageously scientific name that nobody would identify with, we gave it a familiar term that describes the action of what it does.

Q: And then there's also another addition to the water, and that is the vortexing.
Ron: The vortexing does a variety of different things. The part that I think that you're wanting me to mention the most is the etheric energy that it places in the water in which, for lack of a better name, we prefer to call it biological time reversal energy because that's the type of affect that it has on our body.
When our body takes and drinks this water and starts to run the body on this water, it literally starts to turn the hands of time backwards for the body. The ORME also plays a role in this in that they are the big carriers of the messages and the ORME, when the water is fresh out of the processor, has literally the ability to overturn the governors built into our DNA and restart our biological clocks as though we were a new-born. So this greatly extends the capability or the potential you should say of lifespan of the person drinking the water.
So it is another unique aspect. It also opens a lot of doors because certain governors built into our DNA have limited us in some of our abilities and we are able to over-turn those governors and allow people to expand their awareness and their capabilities, therefore.

Q: Now, you said it would extend the life-span, but I heard several people comment on, not only extending the life-span but like going backward in time. Are we talking about looking younger?
Ron: Oh yes. With a person who has gotten up there in years, they'll start noticing pretty profound effects over a period of time drinking the recommended daily amount of water and leading a fairly healthy lifestyle. they'll watch literally the hands of time on their body revert backward. it's made to take a person back at a gradual rate, not all at once. So it happens gradually over a period of time.
The body needs to not only restore and rebuild, but it must also detoxify. The best method to detoxify is with water. The water will flush more toxins out if you are drinking more water than it will with anything else. So this is an aspect here?.. People will over a period of time?. it is anticipated I should say?.. It is anticipated that a person leading a healthy life style, and drinking the recommended amount of water from the processor each day may well achieve basically a reversal in their age back to where they were in their prime physically. And they will lose none of their mental facilities or anything and instead they will become just more enhanced and they'll start to think faster and clearer and of course, have all of those life experiences that they have accumulated. But literally over a period of time, it will bring them back to where they were in their prime. For most people, their prime is in their late twenties.

Q: You mentioned that they take the recommended amount of water. What would that be Ron?
Ron: Well, it's recommended that they take one liter or one quart for every 50 pounds of body weight. So for a person that is 100 pounds, they would drink about a half a gallon a day under normal conditions. Normal conditions are conditions where you're not going out and sweating and perspiring a lot. If you do that you are going to need more. And a person, like weighing 200 pounds, they would drink about a gallon a day. And literally, that's the minimal level for the body to be healthy on water. You can obviously drink more. I have basically voiced this many times: The body will tell you if it wants more water than that. And if it tells you, go ahead and put it in, because I don't know anybody who has been able to drown themselves yet by drinking too much water.

Q: You know, sometimes it seems like the more that I drink, the thirstier I get. Is that normal?
Ron: Your body is feeling the additional energy and other things.

Q: Does the water after it is processed inhibit bacterial growth?
Ron: The water will not support bacteria normally for about three weeks; it will prevent bacteria growth in it. After it's been run through the processor it will normally keep, you can store it, we have tried testing in dirty environments, they stay completely clean and bacteria free for over three weeks. There are no detectable bacteria, viruses or cysts in the finished product water.
Ron: The water is extremely pro-life for human and larger life forms like plants, animals and humans. Now for bacteria, viruses, and cysts, it is not pro-life. There is a distinction there. We are literally able to raise the energy levels in the water high enough to where the water does not want to support bacteria anymore.

Ron: it's the concentration level on the beneficial components that are in the water. We are calling them ORME or elements of life that are in the water. There is the 5th state of matter, highly beneficial to the human body. And with the processors, there was once upon a time, a stage 1, a stage 2, and a stage 3. And there are now stage 4 processors available. With the stage1 they had a concentration ratio of approximately 16 to 1. The stage 2's gave us a concentration ratio of approximately 25 to 1. The stage 3's will give us a concentration ratio of approximately 35-40 to 1. Now, the stage 4 units which are also called occasionally 40/80 units, they are variable and under the testing conditions they are being tested at, they will concentrate the elements of life depending upon how the adjustments are set on the processor anywhere from 40 times to 80 times. The people like the 80 times because it's a much stronger and more potent product.

Q: We're going back to the thing about the 40 to 1 and the 80 to 1. I understand that the difference is it's more concentrated, but what are you seeing as the benefits and the effect?
Ron: We see people having the effects and the benefits that they're stronger. it's literally, let's say, that a lot of people are not real patient. The water from the lower level processors, we'll say the stage 1, 2 and 3's, are very good waters, but they are not as beneficial as the stage 4 water is. And it's because of that concentration factor of the ORME. Your body will use a tremendous amount of the ORME up and if we give it a lot, and let's say that you?ve been highly deficient for a long time, you?d see changes a lot faster than if we gave it just a little bit. It would be a little bit like saying that if you had a really super bad headache you would take maybe four aspirin. And that would be a stage 4 unit. If you had not so bad of a headache you might take three. If you had a little bitty one, you might take one or two. So, it's the strength of the product. When you go to a stage 4, the product is much, much stronger.

Q: How are they adjusted?
A little chrome lock nut at the bottom of the valve. Unscrew that to loosen the lock nut. it's locked in the full on position. There are nine revolutions between in and out. it's a needle valve. It works like your carburetor; the more you screw it in the less water goes through. They get approximately one gallon less for every revolution inward if they're running to specifications, specified water temperature and pressure. If you're up in cold country and they're getting a lot of waste water and not as much product they can turn the needle ------- a bit? And it will change the ratio. Anybody who thinks they're not getting good enough water can adjust the needle on a Stage 4, have them start by turning that in half way or even all the way and then re-sample the water. it's right on the top.
The 40/80 is the gals of waste water that can be varied.
The entire purpose of the adjustments is the amt of waste water is changed by adjusting the needle valves.
The less waste water the less concentration.
In adjusting the valves approx 1 turn (clockwise) per valve ( 9 total turns available) would mean approx 1 gal less of waste water per valve per turn.
For a total of 10 gal per valve. (+or- a bit) 4 valves = 40 gal difference.
The result of turning the valves in is less waste water and less concentration.
So if a person living in the cold water area and they have the 100GPD membrane they are already down to a 20/40 adjustment to start with, so the concentration is never going to be as high as a warm water unit with the 40GPD membrane.

Q: How is the water affected by heat?
Ron: The lady?s question about how the water is affected by heat: Up until the point where you completely boil it and turn it into steam it will retain all of its characteristics. You are more than welcome to make a cup of coffee out of it, or boil vegetables or make soup or whatever. You will retain all the characteristics in the water as long as the processor is feeding it normally. The water is also capable of retaining significant levels of its characteristics through freezing.

Q: Isn?t the water that is discarded, does it not still have value? I have people that are planning to extend that line outdoors to their plants.
Ron: It does have value. But i'll tell you the best use for it is something like washing your clothes or washing your car. Once you have taken most of the ORME out of the water and everything, it is not highly valuable to the plants anymore.

A real quick easy way for any one that has a processor to see this is to take two plants that are basically, we'll say relatively identical, and give one of them some finished product water out of the processor and give the other one a little bit of the waste water and you will see a difference. The one that you gave the finished product water will probably bloom over night. It will grow like nobody?s business. The other one you will see either no change or a slight decrease in its status of being alive. The ORME is very valuable to plants, very valuable to us, very valuable to any animals or pet.
Mother Nature will go and put the ORME back into the water, but we have to give her a chance to do that. She won't do it inside a garden hose or something between your water processor and your garden. Okay? I know that folks want to take the waste water and water their garden or their plants or something like that, i'm going to tell you this: The best place to put the waste water is down the sewer drain, because that waste water is designed to take and turn toxic garbage water back into something healthy. it's not designed to water plants, because we've taken the ORME out.

Plants love the ORME just as much as you and I do. Okay? So if we give the plants water that does not have any ORME practically at all in it , ( these processors really do fine job of separation of ORME), then we?re giving the plant some water that is not made to support its life.

One of the things that Bridgette documented extensively was the fact that if she used the finished product water to sprout seeds, that the seeds would sprout in approximately 1/2 of the time that they normally took. We have had people sprout a little bit differently, anywhere from 1/3 of the time to 2/3 of the time a plant would grow to full capability with the water. And so the water is very pro life for plants.

Once we take the ORME out of the water, that waste water becomes very good for washing things and becomes very good for turning toxic things, like sewage and stuff that you?ll have down in your pipes, back into something that's good to have in Mother Nature.

it's very good at neutralizing and reversing toxic waste type stuff. that's why we literally have tailored it so that when it goes down the waste water drain in your house and it goes down into either your septic tank or to the sewer system of the city, it goes in there and starts cleaning, and starts reversing some of the pollution that it finds, and therefore it is trying to clean up for Mother Nature.

So we?re not wasting that water, we?re putting that water back down the drain and letting it start clean things up, start making our planet a little bit better place that way.

I would wash a car with it. i'd wash clothes with it, but I would not wash my body with the waste water.

Q: Do we now progress in the same direction along the same lines, or would it depend upon each of our starting points?
Ron: Each person starts at a different point (health wise and awareness wise) and each usually has different effects that they've noted with the water. Over a period of time people seem to notice basically about the same effects, but it's going to be individual for each man, woman, and child, because they are going to each have different health challenges, they're going to have different areas of their body that are damaged different ways. They will take different diets. Everything is going to be different. We could take a hundred people and each and every one of them will have a slightly different experience with the water.

Q: i've heard that if you put coral calcium in the finished water it will hold the meisner field longer. Is that true, and how long?
Ron: Yes. You can put a small, and I mean extremely small, pinch of very good quality coral calcium into the water from the processor and it will prolong the degradation time, before the meisner field starts to decrease, and basically it will extend the useable product life time where you have the charged meisner field for about 80 hours.

Q: Is any other kind of calcium feasible?
Ron: Some other forms of calcium may be useable, but I am going to tell you that your normal tablets and capsules of calcium are worthless for this. Most of them contain binders, oils and starches and magnesium sterate which, I don't know if anybody is aware of this or not, but the magnesium sterate you find in most capsules and pills is actually toxic to the human body. I have a real strong preference that we don't put anything bad into the water if we can help it. Okay? The brand coral calcium that we found was the best for this purpose of extending the degradation time on the water, if you want to store it, was Legend Coral Calcium. it's a rather pricey coral calcium, but it seems to be a much higher quality coral calcium.

Q: i'd like to know about hyper-active children using the water.
Ron: They definitely get calmed down. They start to find inner peace, things inside their bodies that caused them to be too hyper active and what have you, they generally start having a lot less problems.

Q: I have a question about plants. If you water it totally with the Miracule Water will it need fertilizer on top of that, or can you put that in too?
Ron: I cannot answer that question for you. We have not done that much testing on plants. We were more concerned about the effects on humans than we were on plants.

Q: But I just wondered if.? you don't know about nitrogen or?..
Ron: Well, generally, i'll say this. Plants work about the same way as a human body does, in that they run more off the energy than they do off of chemical reactions. This has been something that, although western science admitted it back in 1962, they still don't teach it. But the human body runs considerably more off of electrical power than it does off of any type of chemical reaction, and plants, believe it or not, run more off of electrical power than chemical reaction once again. There is a scientist by the name of Courvan, that was over in France, his first name is Louis, you?ll have a little bit of a hard time finding a lot of information on Louis Courvan because most of it is still in French, hasn?t been translated into English. But he extensively documented the ability of plants to transmute elements, to literally manufacture them right out of the air. They did years and years and years of study and I bet there are a hundred other scientists that can verify the work, at least of Courvan. we'll just say that your basic nitrogen type fertilizers and stuff like that for plants, they are not as valuable for the plant as we might think or as we have been led to believe. And I believe that you will probably find the same thing that we have found, that we have taken plants and taken their soil off of them and put them in the Miracule Water and watched them grow. Fertilizers are not necessarily a necessity for plant. Energy is a necessity for plants though.

Q: I had a mosquito bite and I just tried putting the water on the skin and I noticed a tiny little sting and then I just really never noticed I had a bite after that. Why is that?
Ron: that's because it neutralized the toxins. It did it by energy more than anything else.

Q: Can you talk about the vortexing of the water?
Ron: we'll cover the vortexing of the water just a little bit. A great many people may be aware of a man named Victor Shawberger. He was once upon a time called the ?Water Wizard.? He discovered that when you vortexed water you could change its energy state. People have been vortexing water for an awful long time. The thing is that most of them had no idea which direction to twist that water and make it vortex; whether to do it clock-wise, counter clock-wise, or upside down, or sideways. Well, we did the research and we found out that if you live in the northern hemisphere you want to turn that water counter clock-wise and it will pick up an energy literally right out of the etheric world and that energy has the affect of turning the hands of time backwards on biological organisms that will drink that water afterwards. It literally transfers that energy over to you. The processors, each and every one of them has three stages where they get vortexed. And the triple pre filters add an additional three stage vortexing and increase the energy levels there in the water for people. that's a biological time reversal energy that literally turns the hands of time backwards on the body and we have made it in the processors, combined it with all the other technologies. It is a portion of the package. And of course, if you are in the southern hemisphere you vortex the water in the opposite direction folks. But in the northern hemisphere you want to vortex it counter clock-wise to pick up that energy that will literally turn the hands of time backwards.

Q: What is wrong with distilled water? Why is it not considered good for the body?
Ron: When you distill water you're breaking the molecules apart and creating a gas and when it comes back together, it doesn"t come back together as water very much. It will have very high concentrations of hydrogen-peroxide in it which is a very strong acid. It will also have occasions where it has one hydrogen atom, two oxygen atoms and things like that instead of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. they'll have a lot of lop-sided equations in there which form various different types of chemicals. Another thing is that when you distill water you basically erase the memory in the water and you take most of the energy completely out of it. Well, it does one other thing too. A lot of different contaminates will go over with the water when it is being boiled and they will basically be non-detectable because they are floating around in there in non-natural types of forms we'll say, because they've sort of been vaporized and their size is very small usually by that point and they're not easily detectable by most equipment.

Q: How about the minerals in mineral water? Aren?t they too coarse, basically, to be absorbed by the body? Is that true?
Ron: Normally minerals that are dissolved in water are much easier for the body to absorb than other forms of minerals, especially ionic minerals, what we would call the ORME, which would fall into a category of ionic minerals. Ionic minerals are the best ways to feed the body. With your ionic minerals, it gets them in very small clusters; you might say one or two atoms together. it's able to maneuver that atom around, put it where it needs to go and doesn"t have to break apart very large clusters like in solid food.

Q: What about carbonated or ozonated water? Is that basically a dead water?
Ron: Carbonated is. it's basically very unhealthy water for us to drink except on rare occasions. Under certain conditions it may be beneficial for a short period of time.
But your ozonated water will have extra oxygen in it and that's quite beneficial to a lot of people. it's one of the aspects that we have combined with the Miracule Water processors in that inside of stage 4 there is a heavy metal filter, that when it catches heavy metals, it takes and it lets off ozone. So it doubles as a heavy metals filter and as an ozone releasing agent. It also breaks apart and disperses a small amount of magnesium into the water over the period of life of the processor. Magnesium has been found to be the most beneficial combination of the ionic minerals for the human body. It was actually found in Australia by scientists that studied for about 50 years to try and figure out what was the difference; why live stock and people in one area seemed to live for extremely long periods of time. Their solution, their 50 year studies indicated the only thing they could find different was there was significant quantities of magnesium in their source water. Magnesium is the number one building block of the human body to transmute into other elements and what have you, and the extra oxygen is what the body needs to fuel its power when doing so.
That was the ideal mineral type of supplement for the body as a fuel and it also combined and made us a heavy metals filter so we were able to take out increased levels of lead, mercury, things of that nature that would be in the water and release ozone all at the same time.

Q: Now what if I put a cup of this in my bath water? Will that help us?
Ron: Yes.

Q: Now what if I put a gallon, would it be even more potent?
Ron: It would be more potent, yes. Adding this water to your bath water will greatly increase the information that's in there. It will cancel out a lot of negative things and it will raise the energy level of the water in your bath water significantly. You?ll probably notice a slight difference in either the amount of toxins in which you can soak out in the bath or how you feel. Your skin may feel better. You may feel more energetic when you get out. It could also possibly trigger a healing crisis if your body needed healing in certain areas because it would elevate your energy level throughout your entire body quite quickly Yes, it has a very potent effect when you soak any portion of the body in it.

Q: What is the ph value of the water?
Ron: It varies greatly from processor and different waters that are processed. And this is one of the things in which is difficult to tell someone each and every time.

Q: Okay, we have a processor. We have artesian water and we're starting with that and we've had it for a couple of weeks here. Can we store the water in our refrigerator?
Ron: You can.

Q: Okay. Can we pour that water into a hot bath?
Ron: You can, definitely.

Q: Do you use magnets in the equipment for this water?
Ron: Yes we do use a number of different magnets in different locations.

Q: In terms of addressing the hydrating power of the water to enter the cells and clean up the cells. i've read that the water needs to be micro-clustered to five molecules or less. i'm wondering if you could talk about how the processor does that and is it micro-clustered to enter the cells.
Ron: Yes it is. One of the things is, the processor will reject all large clusters of water and it also goes through a proprietary mixture of over 13 methods of structuring in order to ensure that the water stays basically micro-clustered after it comes out.

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