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This machine is awesome and I'm so glad I found it!

By Adam Ringham
By Miracule, LLC

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Adam Ringham here - shooting a review. At first I was a bit skeptical to order such an expensive system based on the claims of ORME/ORMUS - but I've had one of the machines for about 4 months now. I pack my own water wherever I go now - and I hate leaving my house because I have to drink normal water. My plants have absolutely exploded since giving them the water - specifically my Angel Trumpet Flower Trees. Normally in the winter (because I live in MN) the plants do not do well because of the low light conditions - but somehow they are doing amazing. I recently returned from Florida and saw the outdoor ones there - and I have to say my leafs are probably double to triple the size of the ones there. I've also tested not giving Miracule water to one of the plants - I had to quit after only a week and a half because I could tell the difference that fast - and felt bad I wasn't giving it good water.
Also, my cats get very obnoxious and scream at me if I do not give them the water from my system - I've tested different bowls of water different times, and they always choose the Miracule water. The machine was easy to install, Debbie (the owner) is extremely helpful, and I am insisting that my family get one as well - because they are missing out not having one - and the water in our area is not so great. I've tried drinking standard RO water - and I can tell a massive difference not only in the taste, but in how I feel as well. I probably drink 2-3 gallons of it a day because I love it so much.

This machine is awesome and I'm so glad I found it! I may even purchase another one to pack up and bring with me on trips so I don't have to go without it. I also put a picture here with the email - and put a can of carbonated spring water by the plant - for reference as to leaf size. It's pretty amazing!

Have a rocking day and thank you!!!

~Adam Ringham

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