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By Margaret
When I started drinking Miracule water, at first I went into a little bit of a healing crisis, then slowly I started to notice that old injuries started to not bother me anymore and things just didn’t hurt anymore! I knew that the monoatomic elements in the Miraculewater could have healing and restorative properties. I love not having pain in my body anymore. I love my Miracule water!
Los Angeles, CA Read More
by Ingrid
I will share this with you. Since I moved to Eagle Mountain in the fall of 2014 and installed your filter shortly after, the manifestation of my wishes has been nothing but astounding. I would literally think of something and then it will happen! If you tell me that's a common effect of ormus I wouldn't doubt you. There are still struggles in life but I've found myself in a constant state of joy.
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by Denis
We tested your ormus pendant on me with the quantum scio and it tested excellent on me. My body really likes it. Your water tested very good also on me. Excited and Grateful... Thanks Denise
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by a recent Yale Graduate
Having set about on a quest to find the best body/mind/spirit technologies our present day has to offer, I could settle for no less than the supreme ultimate best. After more than a decade of searching for this "Holy Grail", I grew weary. In recent time, I have come to appreciate the power of "Automated/Effortless Growth." What if we could "Drink" our self-improvement or spiritual work? Read More
by Shelly
I wanted to try the Miracule water because I was hoping it could help balance my hypoglycemia, blood sugar issues and it has helped me with that. I no longer have many issues with my blood sugar dipping too low. It’s a lot more balanced. I don’t like to take medication so I have been trying to balance it out naturally. Thank you Miraculewater!
Shelly Bloomington, MN Read More
by Brian
I have always had to force myself to drink water but when I tried the Miracule water my body actually started craving it. I also started losing weight because I was detoxing from drinking so much water and I also have more energy. I love it!
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by Michael
I have never been much of a water drinker, although I have always known that a person should drink 8 glasses of water a day. When I first started to drink the Miraculewater, I found it to be sweeter and more “wet” than water normally tastes and feels, and I became addicted to it – to the point that I quit smoking because of the nourishment the water provided my body. Not only did I quit smoking, but over the course of about 3 months, I lost over 30 Lbs, and felt healthier and had more energy than I had had in years. Miraculewater is the best water I have ever tried. I can strongly recommend it!
Longview, WA Read More
By Adam Ringham
Adam Ringham here - shooting a review. At first I was a bit skeptical to order such an expensive system based on the claims of ORME/ORMUS - but I've had one of the machines for about 4 months now. I pack my own water wherever I go now - and I hate leaving my house because I have to drink normal water. My plants have absolutely exploded since giving them the water - specifically my Angel Trumpet Flower Trees. Normally in the winter (because I live in MN) the plants do not do well because of the low light conditions - but somehow they are doing amazing. I recently returned from Florida and saw the outdoor ones there - and I have to say my leafs are probably double to triple the size of the ones there. I've also tested not giving Miracule water to one of the plants - I had to quit after only a week and a half because I could tell the difference that fast - and felt bad I wasn't giving it good water. Read More
Viewing 1 to 8 (of 8 items)

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