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Reverse Osmosis

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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

While the basic filtering level of Reverse Osmosis is considered great, it only leaves 40 times the contaminates that MiraculeWater Selective Hyper-Filtration does in the water. RO also leaves several things to be desired. They are: A. Removes vital nutrients that are needed by our bodies. Reverse Osmosis membranes are degraded quickly by Bacteria and other biological pathogens in the water. More info on this below. B. Creates what is known as hungry water, highly pure water that will eat anything that it comes into contact with. This includes the vital minerals in our bodies and the pipes, storage tanks, even your glass that you drink from [if you drink from plastic, that means petrol chemicals in your water]. Both the toxins leached from containers and the mineral robbing capabilities of basic R/O water can lead to health problems and possible thereby to an early death. Standard Reverse Osmosis systems lacks a high concentration of the desirable things in water such as the elements of life known to science as ORME "Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements" , Metal Ion's, Monoatomic elements [Some times referred to as Ormus or M-State] and other vital nutrients. MiraculeWater machines use the basic filtering ability of Reverse Osmosis, but they also use special technology to concentrate the elements of life [ORME "Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements", Monoatomic element's, Metal Ion's] and add the most vital nutrient normally lacking in a persons diet back into the water among other desirable things. We at MiraculeWater also use special technology to prevent bacteria from reaching the membrane and to prevent those that do from eating through the membrane. This second technology is another MiraculeWater exclusive feature technology. Another MiraculeWater exclusive feature is the selective concentration of the vital elements of life known as ORME "Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements", Monoatomic elements or Metal Ion's to science. How it works and what it does. Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis (RO or R/O) is a common treatment technology that produces relatively high purity water. The process works by forcing water under great pressure against a semi permeable membrane, where some contaminate exclusion occurs. With contaminate exclusion, water molecules form a barrier that allows other water molecules to pass through while excluding most contaminants.
Typical contaminant rejection rates range from 85% to 95%, some of the highest quality reverse osmosis membranes on the market like that of which is used in MiraculeWater systems have a contaminate rejection rate of about 99%+ and a gallon of highly treated water can usually be produced from two to five gallons of raw water in a standard reverse osmosis system, depending on the initial quality of the water. Maintenance involves the replacement of the RO membrane cartridge every one to three years, and the carbon filter cartridges two to twelve times per year depending upon the source water and the amount of use or volume of water run through the machine. Due to the special Proprietary technology used to prevent biological elements from growing in and feeding on the membrane in MiraculeWater systems. Membrane replacement times can be extended to as much as 7 years. This extended replacement time is based upon the length of time a single person drinking one gallon per day would take to exhaust the extra filtering unit that is built into the Membrane's which MiraculeWater enhanced mineral water machines use under average conditions. No other company has these exclusive features.

RO is effective for the reduction of a broad range of health and aesthetic contaminants, though it is typically not used for the reduction of biological pathogens. Most RO systems also incorporates an activated carbon filter, which can provide added treatment for the volatile organic compounds (VOC's) not treated by the membrane itself. Most MiraculeWater systems employ 4 activated carbon filters to reduce the volatile organic compounds to normally undetectable levels.

Another Big Problem with most standard Reverse Osmosis Units.
Bacteria and other biological pathogens can damage an RO membrane by eating there way through it, very few RO systems on the market use filters that prevent biological pathogens from reaching the membrane. All MiraculeWater systems use the best filters available to prevent biological pathogens from reaching the membrane. Then MiraculeWater corporation uses another advanced proprietary technology to prevent bacteria from eating there way through the membrane. Most companies care only about the profit from there sales and put the cheapest filters available in there RO units, we at MiraculeWater spend the extra money for the best filters for all of our units. The portable, house under sink, and cooler's that MiraculeWater makes contain 2 filters built to remove biological pathogens before they reach the membrane. The first is rated at a removal level of 95% and of the 5% that makes it's way past it. The next filter is certified to stop 99.9996% of E. coli that reaches it. It is NSF certified Standard 53 in Cyst reduction including Cryptosporidium and Giardia. It also has a NSF Standard 42 Chlorine, Taste & Odor Reduction rating. It is the most cost-efficient means of combining the performance of a ceramic candle and a activated carbon filter into one filter that we have found on the market. It takes a filter with a nominal filter rating of 0.2um* and a absolute rating of 0.5um** to meet this requirement.

Chlorine capacity is the estimated capacity in gallons during which the filter will remove > 95% of influent free available chlorine (2 ppm) when operated at a given flow and has been tested using the NSF Standard 42 protocol for chlorine reduction.

Nominal particulate rating (0.2µm) is for >85% of a given size as determined from single-pass particle counting results.*

Absolute particulate rating (0.5µm ) is for >99.9% of particles of a given size as determined from single-pass particle counting results.**

*Nominal Filter Rating: Filter rating indicating the approximate size particle, the majority of which will not pass through the filter. It is generally interpreted as meaning that 85% of the particles of the size equal to the nominal micron rating will be retained by the filter. (WQA Glossary of Terms, Third Edition, 3-97).

**Absolute Filter Rating: Filter rating meaning that 99.9% (or essentially all) of the particles larger than a specific micron rating will be trapped on or within the filter. (WQA Glossary of Terms, Third Edition, 3-97)

It should be remembered that this brief description of Reverse Osmosis water treatment technology is only intended to provide an overview of how each technology can be applied to solve a water contamination problem. The advice of a MiraculeWater Certified Water Professional or Certified Sales Representative should be sought when looking for a specific treatment solution.

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