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Pure Water

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Pure Water is the last thing anyone should ever want Totally pure water is actually toxic to the human body. Pure water will rob the body of vital minerals and nutrients and that can cause severe health problems. Totally pure water is what is know as hungry water and it will eat anything that it comes into contact with. Water is known as the universal solvent. It can dissolve any metal or mineral on the planet. Pure water is not living water and it will not sustain life.
Pure water and plastic do not get along at all. The toxic chemicals in plastic are leached from the plastic and into the water at a very fast rate. These contaminates have been linked to all kinds of health problems. For more information on this, look at the Bottled Water link on the MiraculeWater Water Library page.

Regarding Health effects; Please understand that the MiraculeWater Fountain of Youth and Health Water processors and other products are not sold or intended to be used as medical devices or for there health effects in the USA or any other country with laws that might prohibit such, we do not market the water processors as medical devices and the other products as medical products because it would be against FDA regulations to do so. The FDA only allows members of the Pharmaceutical Cartel to sell toxic pills with harmful side effects for medical purposes in the USA. The only kind of medical equipment allowed by the FDA to be marketed in the USA is harmful problem causing medical equipment. In the USA the MiraculeWater processors are specifically intended and sold for the express purpose of providing the very best possible water from the source water that you have available. Many leading health authorities believe that good water is the foundation of good health. High quality water with high levels of ORME, energies & messages have been around since the beginning of time. Drinking and Bathing in high quality water is a pre 1938 healing modality, making it exempt from the jurisdiction of the FDA, under the grandfather clause. What we call ORME is naturally occurring in water and in the soil and not a man made chemical, as such it cannot be patented and sold by pharmaceutical companies for it's health benefits. This is the 1st Amendment of the united States Constitution in action. The information you will find here are for information and research purposes only.

This page is authored by, Dr. Ronald Marlin Talmage D.D. PhD.

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