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By Miracule, LLC

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Without ORME, life as we know it on this planet would not be possible! On these pages we explain what ORME, ORMUS and M-State are, why life as we know it would not be possible without these ORME elements, the importance of these ORME materials to health, including DNA repair, and spiritual matters as they relate to ORME elements.
Vinny Pinto, ORMIS researcher has a further list of "non-traditional" ormus and ormus-like technologies listed on his home page
these are summarized here:

ORMUS is found naturally-occurring in plant and animal foods.
ORMUS is produced and/or isolated by activities of beneficial microbes, particularly PNSB (Primal Defense and Nature's Biotics) and EM (Effective Microorganisms) microbial consortia.
ORMUS is produced by exposure of water and other liquids to various types of subtle energy field effects. It is in this realm that my interest in the use of ORMUS-like forms of elements as nutritional supplements and my interest in devices which treat water via passive exposure to various electric, magnetic, electromagnetic or subtle-energy (aka "non-classical" or "non-Hertzian") fields have intersected.
The ORMUS-like subtle energy applies some forms and geometries of magnetic fields upon water.
There are ORMUS-like effects that some pyramids, cones, and flat or conical spirals of wire/metallic tubing have on people and water.
ORMUS-like subtle energy effects produced by exposing water or other liquids to certain types of gemstones, rock, minerals and trace elements (can be achieved).
There are ORMUS-like subtle energy effects exhibited by some technologies, (many of them high-voltage technologies, which direct a spark, corona or plasma discharge through water or people).
There are ORMUS-like subtle energy effects of various 10th+ generation cold fusion electrochemical cells, particularly those employing tungsten/titanium electrodes and KCL and lithium salts in the electrolyte.
There are ORMUS-like subtle energy effects of various inter-related technologies that have since the late 1930s been called "orgone" devices.
There are powerful subtle energy properties of potent liquid nutritional products developed by Dr. George Merkl known variously throughout the years under various names include: Chondriana, Life Crystals, Sumerian Elixir, Vida Source and others. These products were produced by microbial fermentation in a glass container exposed to direct sunlight called a Solar Reactor.
Ron Talmage on ORME and his discussions with David Hudson

Let's start with ORME.

This photo is of (left to right) O.R.M.E. Rhodium, O.R.M.E. Iridium and O.R.M.E. Gold.

These samples were made in a lab from metals by August Dunning after more than 2 years of lab work... Persistence Pays Off!

The term ORME (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Element) was chosen by David Radius Hudson to describe the materials he discovered over a period of about 20 years, spending a total of about $8.8 million USD before ending his investigations into what is now believed to be a previously unrecognized form of matter.

After the initial years of painstaking research, David Hudson was advised to patent his proprietary processes so that no one else could prevent him from continuing his research into this previously unrecognized form of matter.

It should be noted that world wide patents were granted and USA patents were confiscated in the interest of national security. Each year approximately 6000 patents are confiscated in the interest of national security from people and companies within the United States whom apply for patents. It's a sad fact that big business controls even the patent office and so many innovations are prevented from reaching the public in this way.

Below is the interview that Ron Talmage had with David Hudson, in Ron's own words:
Several years ago I met with David Radius Hudson at his home in Arizona, the first thing he told me was that I was one of very few that had actually come to see him and talk to him in person about ORME. He had not answered my e-mails, letters, or phone calls. So I went and parked in his driveway at about 3:30 am and waited for him to awaken. I figured that a farmer was likely to awaken early in the morning and I wanted to be certain to catch him at home. We talked for awhile and I found out some very important information about the real thing ORME. At one point David told me something very profound. He said "...you know, the wet method (taught by Barry Carter) does not work." I looked at him with a puzzled expression and he said "Think about it, changing the pH of a water solution only effects those things attached to water molecules. If ORME was attached to a water molecule, it would not be monoatomic." I said that makes sense. David went on to explain how he had tried all kinds of ways to change the pH of solutions he knew were full of ORME in the early years to get the ORME to fall to the bottom of the beaker or flask he was using and how it had never worked... Later I learned that changing the pH was a great way to get the trash or what was not ORME out of the solution I was working with. The stuff attached to the water molecules was not ORME and it would easily cluster together and fall to the bottom of the flask. The ORME would be left in solution. I learned a lot of other things from David Hudson, most of which I gave a great deal of thought and meditation time to. It was invaluable time, as I learned methods to make ORME the real thing in less than a week, by spending close to a month thinking about one part of our conversation. Another thing he said later gave me the hint that I needed to figure out a way to go from micro size clusters of gold atoms to ORME in about 43 seconds. But it did not stop there. . . I must say that although David Hudson had not answered all of my questions, he never told me a lie and I left with a profound respect for the man.

David Hudson told me how he first found his ORME in the water of a local hot spring that was known for its health and healing effects to those that bathed in and drank the water. Later he found a rich natural deposit and this sparked his interest in the mining industry. David Hudson was a wealthy cotton farmer at the time of his discovery, and he hired the best scientists he could find, in addition to the investigating conducted in his own lab, to do investigative work into these special materials. Over a period of about 20 years David Hudson spent a total of about $8.8 million (USD) before ending his investigation. David Hudson extensively documented what has become the most special state of matter known to science. Science is often slow to recognize and teach about new discoveries, as so few modern day scientists or schools know of or about this new state of matter. Stable, non-metallic, orbitally rearranged monoatomic transition group elements selected from the group consisting of cobalt, nickel, copper, silver, gold, palladium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium, and osmium. Mercury ORME was added to the list after David Hudson applied for his patents. It was found that these special elements in the ORME form have unique health and spiritual effects upon those that consumed them. These materials also have specific application in forming catalysts, high-temperature ceramics, refractory materials, corrosion resistant materials, and they exhibit properties of high temperature super-conductivity and have many uses in energy transportation and production. These materials can be refined from ores which do not analyze by conventional western instruments for any of said transition and noble metals, or by conversion of from pure metals or metal salts of said elements into the orbitally rearranged monoatomic species. It is also possible to isolate them from water based solutions and certain plants and substances in nature. Hudson believed Rome's to be individual atoms of the T-metals and by virtue of their orbital rearrangement able to exist in a stable and virtually pure form. David Hudson and the scientists he hired extensively documented how these ORME elements have different chemical and physical characteristics from their respective transition group metal forms. Their thermal and chemical stability, their nonmetal-like nature, and their particulate size are characteristics rendering the ORMEs suitable for the many applications they naturally occupy.

I later discovered that what David Hudson's scientists had thought was monoatomic due to limitations in scientific equipment was actually in the case of the real thing ORME white power gold, a single atom of gold coupled to a single atom of Deuterium, and that if it was coupled the right way, it was then super conducting (S-ORME) and it was not monoatomic but diatomic. For simplification, the equipment that David Hudson and his scientist were using did not have the degree of clarity available in today's ST Scanning Electron Microscopes, as such it was nearly impossible to see the very small deuterium atom next to and bonded with the gold atom. Even in today's best ST Scanning Electron Microscopes, a single atom of Gold only appears as a very small dot! Gold in it's most common occurring form (isotope 197) has 3 potential bonding locations in which other atoms may attach to it. The outermost bonding location is located in what most of us have been taught to refer to as the outer electron shell. The other two bonding locations are located on the next electron shell going inwards. When bonding occurs on this inner electron shell, we achieve a very special type of bonding and the S-ORME is born. This inner bonding is more of a marriage of the two atoms than the usually bonding to the outer electron shell which could be described as dating. A true white powder of gold is formed in this way. When gold isotopes 194 (194 isotope gold is stable) and 195 (195 isotope gold is not stable and quickly changes to 194) are used, and the same deuterium atom is the only thing bonded to the gold atom, a blood red powder is achieved having all the characteristics of the legendary substance called 'Red Lion' or 'Elixir of Eternal Life'. Old School Conventional Physicists (basing what they say upon what they were taught) say this combination is not possible but Bio Physicists and Bio Chemists Tell us that the combination is not only possible but could have very unique characteristics when different boding possibilities are explored. The most common isotope of gold which is 197 and the isotope of hydrogen called deuterium when combined with the inner shell bonding yielded a white powder providing all the characteristics of that described as the Super Conducting S-ORME GOLD and the ancients described as Bread Of The Presence of God. This material can be found naturally occurring in some waters to varying degrees and is concentrated by the MiraculeWater processors into the final product water from all of the water that enters the processor. The same holds true for iridium and rhodium S-ORME forms also.

David Hudson documented two distinct forms of Gold, Iridium & Rhodium ORME. These two varieties he called S-ORME and G-ORME. The S-ORME being super conducting. My research has shown that the S-ORME form is the most valuable to the human body. A great many other scientists have documented how the DNA in cells has ORME on the ends of the strands and throughout the sections known as codeons. The thing called a Bio Photon that glowed inside of living cells has been determined to be S-ORME also. When you start to realize that DNA is made of ORME and that the ends of DNA are ORME and that the Bio-Photons that glow inside a cell is an ORME that is super conducting and has a charged miesner field, you start to understand how life as we know it could not exist without what David Hudson discovered and called ORME.

The scientists that David Hudson contracted with (all signed non-disclosure agreements) found that each of these atoms started to become harder and harder to detect when the cluster size of the atoms dropped below 32 atoms. By the time that the atoms were in the Monoatomic (single atom without metallic bonding) cluster size, they had become undetectable to almost every kind of test equipment currently in use to detect and quantify metals in the western world. Currently there is only one kind of test equipment known to have the ability to quantify ORME and even then it must be extensively reconfigured from the standard set up to detect and quantify ORME. Lab testing for the presence of what David Hudson called ORME is not currently available from commercial labs in the western world. Some labs in Russia can test for and determine not only the presence, but the ratios and quantity of ORME present within samples. Be prepared to pay a sizable amount of money for this testing if you desire it. Also be aware that many labs will tell you that they can test for ORME, when they cannot. Try to deal with reputable labs that actually have the right equipment if you decide to spend your money obtaining lab tests. The S-ORME form of Gold is believed to be what texts like the Holy Bible refer to as Bread of the Presence of God. ORME in general is believed to be what texts like the Holy Bible refer to as "The Hidden Manna".

While the ORME forms of Iridium and Rhodium are fairly common in ORGANIC foods and water. The ORME form of Gold is much rarer. David Hudson's labs and scientist only found ORME Gold in one type of food, the concord grape. My testing has found the ORME form of Gold in two other foods, the Goji Berry (only from select areas), and brown stone ground mustard; more common machine processed yellow mustard seemed to be deficient in the gold ORME even when the original source of the mustard plant was from the same location. I can only conclude that the magnetic fields generated by conventional yellow mustard processing must drive the ORME out of the end product. David Hudson documented how the ORME was reactive to extremely low power magnetic fields when in the super conducting form.

Ronald Marlin Talmage, Developer of the MiraculeWater Processing Technology


ORMUS - Scientific Overview by Barry Carter

I am working with a group of scientists and laypersons that are exploring the properties of a group of elements that appear to exist in a new state of matter. These elements in this state exhibit a number of Bosonic properties at biological temperatures and have been measured in various biological systems.

We have determined that these are the precious metal elements in a non-metallic state, which we call ORMUS or m-state. We have also determined that these m-state elements are much more abundant in nature than their metallic counterparts.

We have extracted the m-state elements from water, air and rock. We believe that many of the familiar properties of water are the result of the presence of the ORMUS elements in it.

We believe that the m-state elements were not previously isolated and identified because they exist as Cooper-paired Bosons without available valence electrons and which, therefore, are not susceptible to spectroscopic identification.

While there are a number of simple methods to concentrate, extract or convert these materials it is still quite difficult to make positive identification of the elements involved. Positive identification requires that the m-state element be converted to its metallic counterpart and then identified using spectroscopy.

Since these elements have been isolated from brain tissue at a fairly high level (5% by dry matter weight), we believe that they may play a crucial role in consciousness. Perhaps as a quantum-coherent, superconducting system in the microtubules of the cell.

At this point we are still very low on the learning curve in relation to the ORMUS elements. We can isolate and identify them. We can convert metal to m-state and m-state to metal. Some of us have been ingesting these materials for several years in a more concentrated form. A few biological studies have been done and more are planned. We have demonstrated effects, which suggest superconductivity at biological temperatures. People with a variety of illnesses have ingested these materials with amazing results. Some technological uses have been explored but nothing is to a marketable point. And, several good ORMUS products have become available for purchase.

We have not quantified or replicated many of our observations. Many of our theories are based on one or two observations and need to be further verified.

These materials look like they may be the keystone in the bridge between science and spirit.

Read more by following this link.

ORMUS IS A GAS by John V. Milewski • November 19, 2003 • Rev. 3/18/04

In the 80's and 90's David Hudson coined the acronym ORMEs. This is a name for what he defined as a new state of matter. ORMEs is an acronym for "Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements". He demonstrated, through his very detailed experiments and multiple testing, that at least 13 of the transition elements (Co, Ni, Cu, Ru, Rh, Pd Ag, Re, Os, Ir, Pt, Au, Hg.), which are in the center of the periodic table, can exist in a heretofore-unidentified state of matter. He claimed that this occurs when they are in a monatomic state.

He found that in this state they are very chemically inert. In conventional chemistry it is believed that all chemical reactions between elements take place because of the action of their outer electrons. Now, what David Hudson deduced, was that when these transition elements exist in a monatomic state and are not sharing or swapping their electrons with their near neighbors in a material structure like a crystal lattice, they become ORMEs elements.

At this stage the outer electrons of these elements form cooper pairs and become whirlwinds of light rotating at super speeds around the atom. Again, as a result of this change they lose all conventional chemical reactivity. Another important change that takes place is that the whirling electrons that have become light set up a Meissner antimagnetic field. This antimagnetic field causes a levitating force against the earth magnetic field and the element effectively loses 4/9's of its weight. According to Hudson, at this same time the nucleus becomes high spin and shrinks to about 1/3 of its original size and distorts to an oblong shape. When in this state as a single atom it should be a very small and very chemically inert atomic gas.

We are postulating that the free atom Ormus form of these 13 transition atoms is a very chemically inert gas. We also postulate that they are very small in relation to their masses and are surrounded by a very strong antimagnetic field. As a result of these properties we suspect that our atmosphere contains a significant amount of these gases. If this is true we would expect them to blend into our atmosphere and be easily mistaken for other gases such as argon, nitrogen and CO2, which might have similar weight and vapor pressure.

In addition to existing as a gas and because of their small size and chemical inertness they would easily diffuse into matter both liquids and solids. It has been suggested that they are captured in water structures and in most crystal structures such as quartz, magnetite and marble just to name a few. We think that their antimagnetic field helps them stay centered in the electric and magnetic fields found in the lattice structure.

During physical and chemical activity of these retaining structures, the Ormus elements would remain invisible to ordinary detection methods.

Gold Grows

In the summer of 2003 I reexamined some samples that had been processed on December 2, 1998 and March 3, 1999. There are four samples that were processed in 1998 in which hundreds of beads of gold (50 to 500 microns in diameter) were produced from container glass along with significant amounts of what appears to be Ormus material.

The gold bead in Photo left below is about 500 microns in diameter and the string of beads in Photo below rifght, range from 10 to 50 microns in diameter. (Photos 1 and 2) The report on this will be given later in this paper.

The March 03, 1999 sample was saved, because it also had a small amount of blue Ormus in the glass portion of the sample. It was stored in a sealed polyethylene plastic bag.

This piece of glass was melted and attached to a fused piece of magnetite. Upon this new examination, the magnetite portion of the sample was discovered to have about 50 beads of gold attached to its surface. These beads ranged in size from 20 to 1500 microns in diameter that were not there in 1999 when the sample was stored away for saving.

The gold appears to be growing on the opposite side of the magnetite, about ½ " away from the small spot of blue Ormus glass. A very significant addition to this sample is a small duplication for this gold growing event, where another an even smaller spot of blue Ormus glass is found and about ¼ " away a few small spots of gold are also growing.

Because of its surface structure, I believe that the gold is growing. The surface is not smooth as would be the case in melted gold but it has projections that appear to be reaching out and collection material from the air as can be seen in the enlarged pictures below.

This is not basal growth but tip growth. It is theorized that the gold comes from the surrounding air. The sample was stored in a sealed plastic bag. Apparently the small gold atoms diffuse through the bag and then were attracted to the magnetite substrate by the energy field set up by the Ormus at the base to react to form metallic gold. For some reason not fully understood the Ormus gold is converted to metallic gold as the atoms touch the surface of the magnetite. It could be the increased magnetic field surrounding the magnetite or the ability that magnetite has to either give up or receive electrons, alone or in combination with the special energy field sent up from the Ormus gold below in the glass.
This magnetic effect could be related to direct interaction of the magnetite with Superlight (magneto-electric) energy. I believe that Superlight is an extremely energetic all prevailing dynamic Aether. You can read more about Superlight at this web site.

White Powder of Gold Grows

For the past several years I have performed many fire assay analyses. During this process about 90 grams of assay glass is left over after the lead button is separated from the molten glass. This glass was saved and stored in sealed plastic bags. Some of these bags were stored outside in a plastic tray where they were and exposed to occasional rain.

Upon examination of these samples after about 6 months of exposure to the elements, I found that they all were coated with a heavy white powder deposit. In about a year and a half about 60 grams of powder was collected after each 6 months period.

I believe that most gold or platinum group metal ores not only contain the ore element as a metal but an even a greater amount of the ore element in the Ormus form. I suspect that during the assay process most of the metal in the ore is extracted by the lead and the Ormus portion of the precious metal stays in the glass portion of the assay liquid. If this is so, the glass portion would contain a substantial amount of Ormus material. I suspect that this Ormus material in the glass is the force that is attracting additional material out of the air and water to form the white powder.

Another source of white powder
I live in Albuquerque, NM near the Sandia Mountains. For the past 10 years I have been hiking up the mountain trails near the tram where there is a service road to the first service tower. The hike to the tower is about 1 ½ miles long where you climb about 400 feet in elevation above the parking lot at the tram home base. In the past few years and more especially in the past 6 months I have observed that there is a significant amount of white coating on many of the rocks along and beside the trail. Many call this substance "Caliche" a presumed calcium carbonated material.

Prior to living in Albuquerque I lived in a town call White Rock near Los Alamos National Laboratories where I worked. The town was called White Rock because many of the rocks around the town were covered with this same mysterious, ill-defined, white coating. The town of White Rock is built on a large lava flow. I believe that the lava contains significant amounts of Ormus glass in its structure and is also very strongly paramagnetic. I believe that these properties help attract the white powder to form the heavy white coating on the rocks and lava beds at White Rock, NM.

Now that I am paying attention, I see this white coating on many rocks in many places in town, around the state and in Colorado also. I have seen it on small pebbles about 1 inch in size and larger nearly round boulders greater than 8 feet in diameter. I have seen it on granite, sand stone and it is especially heavy on the large broken lava rocks that are used on the side of roads and stream bed supports. (Photos 11,12,13,14)

At first I thought this white material was deposited from underground hot spring deposits, but there are no hot spring around nor have there ever been. In most all cases the boulders and pebbles are free standing on the surface and not attached to bedrocks. Also these rocks are mostly round
and have the coating on two to four sides.

Where Does This Coating Come From?

I believe that the atmosphere is the source of the white powder and that it grows on rocks, to which it is attracted, by some force within the rocks. I presume that this force comes from the Ormus glass in the lava rocks that cause such heavy coatings and that the other variety of rocks like the granites, sandstone's, etc. must have a paramagnetic like nature that causes the attraction. The coating material comes from the air and even more so when there is a light rain like we get here in the desert. The rain captures the Ormes on the way down and deposits them on the rocks where some of it is attracted to stay. If there is not too much or too heavy of a rain it does not wash away and after drying up it hardens into a permanent coating of white powder.

Read more by following this link.

Other resources from Barry Carter can be found below:

ORMUS and Quantum Evolution by Barry Carter

ORMUS and Sounds in the Head by Barry Carter

ORMUS and Ectoplasm by Barry Carter

Health Effects of the ORMUS Elements (numerous interviews and reports): link.

ORMUS, DNA Repair and Health by Barry Carter: "(David) Hudson suggests that this reversal (of disease) is the result of the repair of DNA which is facilitated by the ORMUS elements..." Full article here.

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