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By Miracule, LLC

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Are the claimed benefits of ingesting fluoride over-rated and the risks to our health and eco-system under-reported? How many people know that lead has a toxicity rating of 4 [mildly toxic] and fluoride has a toxicity rating of 4.5 [highly toxic]? Fluoride is almost as toxic as Arsenic with a toxicity rating of 5 [extremely toxic] which has been used as a poison throughout history.
Fluoridation proponents often assert that there is no legitimate scientific controversy over the benefits or safety of this measure. This web page and thousands of others clearly show controversy existed from the outset and continues to this day.

Literally hundreds of authorities in the medical field have come forwards in the recent years and documented and voiced there opinion and research into fluoride expressing how it should be outlawed and any products that contain it should also be outlawed. Most of these professionals have at least a Ph.D. and are considered as experts in their fields. In November 1978, Judge John Flaherty, later Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania was quoted after 2,800 pages of testimony and documentation was recorded and studied. As saying "In my view, the evidence is quite convincing that the addition of sodium fluoride to the public water supply at one part per million is extremely detrimental to the human body and a review of the evidence will disclose that there was no convincing evidence to the contrary. Prior to hearing this case, I gave the matter of fluoridation little, if any, thought, but I received quite an education, and noted that the proponents of fluoridation do nothing more than try to impune the objectivity of those who oppose fluoridation."

Dental fluorosis is now pandemic in fluoridated areas. Fluoride ingestion in our children is clearly out of control given the sky-rocketing rise in fluorosis rates in fluoridated communities. The United States, Canada & Mexico have some of the highest rates in the world.

There is enough poison in the average family size tube of tooth paste to kill a child.

Most of us brush our teeth with tooth paste that contains a toxin more hazardous than lead.

Yet no one would brush there teeth with lead.

The health problems caused by fluoride in some other countries is well-documented and staggering. There are over twenty nations with health problems due to fluoride ingestion. Many Nations have outlawed the use and sale of products containing fluoride and established exceptional high standards of control on water sources [in other words if the water contains fluoride, it can not be used to either agricultural or human purposes].

Trucking companies that transport toothpaste are required to display a Toxic Hazard sign on their vehicles in most countries, yet we are told it is good for us and that we should drink, bathe, and brush our teeth with the poison added to our water known as FLUORIDE.

The health problems attributed to the ingestion of fluoride are staggering and as more research reports surface. It appears that fluoride may negatively effect every area of the human body. This article is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of the health affects of ingesting fluoride. It would require a complete web site of many gigs of information to be comprehensive on this subject. This article is meant to be a comprehensive overview. A small sample of scientific research into how fluoride is affecting our environment and questions raised.

Let there be no mistake, Fluoride is a poison! Search around the Internet and find proof yourself. If that's not enough information, there is a link section at the bottom of this page that will leave you with no doubt. The link section only scratches the surface of the information available on the web. http://www.slweb.org/bibliography.html

Fluoride Effects On The Human Brain
[Partial listing]
Fluoride has been found to increase the uptake of aluminum into the brain. Aluminum in the brain is believed to be the number one cause of Altimers and Dementia. Since 1994 there have been at least six publications that directly link fluoride exposure to direct adverse effects on the brain. Consuming high doses of Fluoride for even a short time can be summed up to be similar to having a frontal lobotomy. With ones will to survive, intelligence, memory, and problem solving abilities all adversely effected. Places around the world where fluoride occurs naturally in the water produce people that just don't care about anything. Consuming water with even mild levels of fluoride for one year will adversely change a person in as far as we know irreversible ways both mentally and physically. Well documented studies have shown the I.Q. drops 11 to 19% from short term exposure to moderately high levels of fluoride. Prolonged exposure to low levels has a similar effect. Exposure to fluoride has been shown to cause drops in key chemicals that the brain needs to function properly. Prenatal exposure to moderate levels of fluoride causes the mother to give birth to children with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and autism. Fluoride consumption leads to anti-social behavior. Adverse effects on the brain's Pineal glad have also been documented.

Fluoride Effects On The Human Cells & Tissues
[Partial listing]
In 1990 the beginning of reports started surfacing showing the most common form of fluoride, sodium fluoride like that put into water supplies and toothpaste caused cancer. Reports using terms like "clear evidence of carcinogenicity" were brought to the attention of both politicians and big business alike. Yet, the fraud that fluoride was safe and healthy continued from both. Cancer, Brain and Kidney damage were only the tip of the iceberg in the reports. Reports of adverse pre-mature onset of sexual maturity in both humans and animals alike have also been documented. Fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland, which may inhibit the production of the hormone melatonin, which helps regulate the onset of puberty. The reports of many studies have been covered up or are not available.

Fluoride Effects On The Blood, Teeth & Bones
[Partial listing]
Fluoride inhibits antibodies from forming in the blood. Fluoride has been found to increase the uptake of lead into blood. Fluoride confuses the immune system, causing it to attack the body?s tissues. This can increase the growth rate of tumors in people prone to cancer. Totally contrary to the popular belief that fluoride helps us to have strong teeth and bones. The actual truth shows just the opposite.

Here is a picture of Ramaswamy. At 18-years of age, when other youths are full of enthusiasm for life, Ramaswamy looks to be hardly five-years-old, with a physique completely devastated by the effects of fluoride. He is so weak that he cannot walk and weighs barely 15 kilo's (less than 34 lbs). He is blind and mentally challenged. He cannot recognize his own name and he cannot even eat by himself. The seriousness of the problem may be measured by the fact that the groundwater has 10 to 12 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride. Many Places in the world have water that has either naturally occurring fluoride or fluoride that is added to it. People with paralyzing bone diseases, stooped backs, crooked hands and legs, deformed teeth, blindness and other handicaps are a common sigh

Osteofluorosis is often misdiagnosed as osteoporosis.
Epidemiological evidence clearly showing elevated bone cancer and bone fractures in humans related to consumption of fluoridated drinking water. Bone fractures and bone cancer in areas where the water did not contain fluoride has risen after the water supplies have had fluoride added to them.

According to the National Institute of Dental Research in the USA, more than 61% of America's children in fluoridated communities show visible sign of over-exposure and fluoride toxicity, dental fluorosis. That figure is from a survey conducted in the mid-1980's and the figure today is undoubtedly much higher.

Most people unless they are specifically trained, do not recognize the early visual signs of dental fluorosis. Advanced signs are easily noticeable.

Dental Fluorosis pictures. Graphic examples of fluoride poisoning.

Dental fluorosis is a reflection of what's happening in our
bones and is the first visible sign of fluoride poisoning

Because of water fluoridation and other fluoride products, dental fluorosis is now pandemic. It's the first visible sign of fluoride poisoning. The structural integrity of enamel is compromised and small pits are left in teeth as it breaks away. Even with mild fluorosis, enamel is subject to increased erosion and attrition.

Fluorosis in 11-year-old Calgary Canada child, caused by the Public Health Authority's "recommended" daily fluoride dose. No effort was made to determine other fluoride intake found in formula, juices, toothpaste, naturally in water, etc. before supplements were prescribed for the is child.

More in depth scientific evidence and documentation on biological affects of consuming the poison Fluoride are available at; Bibliography of Scientific Literature on Fluoride
The story of water fluoridation began at the beginning of the 20th century but it was not until much later that the disputes, claims, arguments and accusations that have been made about this foul practice, have been made transparent to the public at large.

Today we have more information at our fingertips than we could ever have dreamed of just a few decades ago. And despite the reluctance of some official Government departments, agencies or bodies to release information, there is certainly more openness and more access to valuable and meaningful data. As a consequence, the proponents of fluoridation can no longer hide behind bad science, one-sided propaganda and the control or corruptibility of public servants, scientists or important and influential institutions. Accountability is now the name of the game.

You do not have to be Einstein to understand simple science. You do not need a degree in law to understand the obvious breach of human rights. You do not need to be told again and again how devious, dishonest or egotistical some of our politicians are.

Fluoridation and its consequences should be made honestly, openly and in clear language so that everyone can understand the implications and risks involved.

Fluoride has two sources. It can appear "naturally" in water or it can appear as a toxic waste. Even where it does appear without any help from industry it can cause problems.

The earliest problems associated with toxic wastes involved those businesses manufacturing aluminum with the resulting waste usually being sodium fluoride. In Britain today, the most frequently used toxic waste product used for fluoridation comes from the phosphate fertilizer industry. However, the principles are the same and what happened in the first half of the 20th century is just as relevant as to what is happening today.

In the 1930's, the aluminum processing industry faced a serious threat to its existence - its toxic fluoride wastes were seriously polluting the environment and this resulted in some very expensive litigation settlements. According to George Waldbott's book, Fluoridation, The Great Dilemma ( published 1978 )

The waste cannot simply be dumped on the ground because it seriously pollutes grass and other foliage. Indeed, in 1950 ALCOA's ( the Aluminum Company of America ) plant in Vancouver, Washington, was fined for dumping fluorides into the Columbia River, and the airborne fluorides heavily contaminated the grass and foliage, "which resulted in injury and death to cattle." ( Reported by the Seattle Times, Dec.16, 1952 )."

Waldbott continues with a number of incidents which resulted in damages being awarded against the "industry". The first involved a trout and fish hatchery. "eggs were worthless" and did not hatch properly; the fish also exhibited malformations. "During the weeks after rains, the Meaders were hauling away about a ton of dead fish per day." So how many hundreds or thousands of parts per million ( "ppm" ) of fluoride caused this? Fluoride levels were no more than between 0.5 and 4.7 ppm in the samples taken from the hatchery. I would take the opportunity at this to remind the reader that your Government wants to add 1 ppm of fluoride to drinking water supplies. If you keep goldfish or other tropical fish, or ANY fish and are hoping to breed, then keep this in mind. Waldbott goes on to say that this was not just one in a series of a few incidents. More cases are mentioned which involved $100,000's being paid in compensation with the total liability running potentially into $1,000,000's.

The big "fluoride problem". Estimated total atmospheric inorganic fluoride emissions from major industries in the USA ( 1968 );-
Industry Tonnage per year
Steel Industry 40,1000
Combustion of coal 16,000
Ceramics industries 21,200
Nonferrous metal industries 4,000
Phosphate fertilizer & processing industries 18,700
Welding operations 2,700
Aluminum industry 16,000
TOTAL 118,700 tons.

Osteofluorosis is often misdiagnosed as osteoporosis.- Dental fluorosis is a reflection of what's happening in our bones and is the first visible sign of fluoride poisoning

An advertisement for ALCOA's sodium fluoride "drinking water supplement"

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