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Refurbish Your MiraculeWater System
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Refurbish Your MiraculeWater System

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      MIRACULE Water is offering a Refurbishing Program for our existing loyal customers who who are using a MIRACULE Water system purchased few years ago!

      As part of our ongoing improvement of the MIRACULE Water system design, we have made it more user friendly for filter replacements. If you have a MIRACULE Water system that you purchased few years ago, you may know that it wasn't very user friendly when it came to replacing filters, because the tubes were coming down with the flow restrictors which made it difficult to get a wrench around it to replace the filters.

      To solve that problem, we have improved on the design and have removed the tubes coming down the sides and have put the flow restrictors in other places but it does not use any more wastewater than any other other typical reverse osmosis system.

      So we wanted to give our loyal customers an opportunity to upgrade their MIRACULE units without paying for a whole new system, we like to offer you a complete refurbishing service, which replaces all the filters, replaces new white casings without the tubing that made it hard to get the wrench around, along with offering a basic cleanup of your MIRACULE Water system.

      HOW IT WORKS: Upon completing your order, please ship the product to us and we will pay for the return shipping:

      Miracule, LLC
      102 Penn St, Long Lake, SD 57457
      Tel 1-651-767-2892 (to reach Debbie Davis, our C.E.0.)
      Tel 1-605-850-9188 (to reach Stephen for tech support)
      Debbie (CEO): debbie@miracule.com
      Email: info@miracule.com


      DISCLAIMER: * Products found on Miracule.com have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition. If you have a health condition or concern, consult a physician or your alternative health care provider.
  • Miracule Benefits
    • Miracule water filtration system has a unique magnetic design to keep beneficial minerals and elements in the water while it filters out the harmful contaminants.  

      We use organic, non-toxic, magnesium prill beads to rebalance pH of the water after reverse osmosis filtration process.

      Our filters are all NSF Certified to ensure you are getting top quality filtration.

      Click below link to read about how important magnesium is for your health. National Institudes of Health

      We use a 50 gallon Modern Reverse Osmosis membrane that reduces TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). Typical Reverse Osmosis systems remove much needed minerals during the process of water filtration.
      MIRACULE water filtration system cleans the water and re-mineralizes your drinking water.

      Note: You will need to have at least 70 psi water pressure at your incoming source water for the Miracule system to work properly. Otherwise, you will need an aquatech booster pump. 

      * System comes with a lead free long range spicket to be able to fill large containers and a 3 gallon tank.

      ALL 5 FILTERS are included in the system when arrived. Our filters last approximately 6-12 months. How long the filters last generally depends on how much volume of water is used and how dirty your water is. When you  start noticing change in pressure or taste, normally that is when you know it is time to change out the filters.  
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