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What is Miracule?
(mir-a-cule) [mir-uh-kyool] - noun from: mir-a-cle wonder; marvel and mol-e-cule the smallest physical unit of an element, consisting of one or more like atoms.

Miracule Water Filtration System is the world's only known ORME (orbitally rearranged monatomic elements) concentrating, purifying, energetically enhancing, hyperfiltrating home water processing equipment. It is believed to impart superior hydrating, life enhancing and anti-aging qualities to biological system.
Serving since 2006
Miracule Water was formed nearly a decade ago by Ron Talmage and is currently operated by Debbie Davis (C.E.O.) to provide you the same high quality water money can buy.
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Our customers are happy and so will you!
Miracule Water has been a major contributor to many of our customers' lifestyle improvement towards a healthier and happier alternative. We welcome you to read and experience for yourself what many of our long term customers have written to us about, after using the Miracule Water.
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Miracule, LLC
102 S Penn St, Long Lake, SD 57457
Tel 1-651-767-2892 (General Inquiries)
Tel 1-605-850-9188 (Stephen - tech support)
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Web: www.miracule.com
Email: info@miracule.com
Debbie (CEO): debbie@miracule.com
How Is Miracule® Water so different?
How Is Miracule<sup>®</sup> Water so different?
It's the only water filtration system in the world with a proprietary ORME trap along with processors that have a proprietary trap on the inside to re... Read more
Ron Talmage, the inventor of Miracule Water!
Ron Talmage, the inventor of Miracule Water!
Ron Talmage, inventor of Miracule® Water system, gives a presentation of the features of the system and discusses O.R.M.E.... Read more
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Do you have a question about Miracule Water, or about water filtration in general? Miracule water system inventor, Ron Talmage, tries to answer most c... Read more
Scientific Data on MIRACULE® Water
Scientific Data on MIRACULE<sup>®</sup> Water
PH - 8.0-8.5, TDS 50 (Because OF the ORME present), LOC Rating (Level Of Consciousness) - 700-800, ORP rating - 270 (ORP is the oxygen reduction poten... Read more
Customer Testimonials
MIRACULE<sup>®</sup> Water <br>Customer Testimonials
Customers from around the world speak about the benefits of the life giving, anti-aging and bio-available colostrum cream skincare product line.... Read more

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